january 30th 2021 saturday

January 30th, 2021 Saturday Today, from the morning until 11.02 a.m., the moon in Leo remains in the void. It is useful to spend these hours resting, taking your time, and not doing important things. After 11.02 a.m. the moon travels to Virgo and continues to move in Virgo all day. We are in a day when we can understand the value of families, the order in our lives, the work environment and relationships, and meet the needs of those around us. Helping is not just about tidying up or cleaning. It means focusing on their emotional needs, helping when there is something they cannot physically do due to an illness, and making their life easier with your ideas. The value of sharing is striking today in this sense. You can effectively set up wardrobes in your home today, separate unworn clothes, and create a work schedule and assignment. After 8:00 p.m., you can find solutions to unresolved problems, make significant progress in your work, and easily get on with your ongoing business with new information. Mars' solar square is active in the sky today. It is time to focus on your work, take action, and gain momentum at a higher level. You can use the day to gain speed on any topic, speed up the process, and make new discoveries. If you have important meetings with fathers, bosses, or male characters, choose to be moderate and share today.

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