first newmoon of 2021

While the first new moon will take place in 23 degrees Capricorn in 2021, the Pluto effect marks the moment of the eclipse. In this eclipse, you must face the need to change the conditions that are forcing you as authorities will feel the pressure of the system on you and will roll up their sleeves to take on your responsibilities. We may feel psychologically pessimistic, chronically tired, or powerless, but you need to start with yourself first to make structural changes to the value system that you believe will sustain you. When the ruler of Capricorn accentuates, we can try to act on the basis of social impulses rather than the desires of the heart in setting new goals. Feelings of loneliness and insecurity as you go your own way can draw the dark deep corners of your soul to reveal. What we shouldn't miss is knowing that delaying relational responsibility is not beneficial and what timing and process management can bring to the person in the long run. It's our most plutonic side, fear of being alone, aging alone, death, money, loss of status. As you feel this, the need for family, spiritual, and emotional areas of nutrition increases. Hence, the Venus Uranus Effect shows that you can make serious and relaxing decisions in your relationships.

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