december 30th 2020 full moon in cancer

We start Wednesday with the full moon in Cancer. It is perfectly normal to experience symptoms such as insomnia, meaningful dreams, or restlessness on full moon days and nights. This is a full moon that will bring completion in family, home, settlement, love, belonging, and devotion. While many people's families get baby news at this time, many people will experience the energy of house arrangements, family time, close relationships, love, and togetherness. You will find joy in moving around, doing housework, and making your relationships warmer and more loving on this full moon, where love and compassion replace fear and feel safe. The star that accompanies the full moon means "walk proudly, proudly carry a mission or take on". The topics that you look forward to in your life, jobs and relationships that you are proud of, now become more meaningful. Plus, you're in a great time to take on new responsibilities and focus on your personal and family life. During this full moon, watch out for stomach problems, the effects of which will continue for a week. The chest, digestive system and stomach are tender during this time. It is quite normal to see waiting or postponements this week for jobs that require an agreement, for work related to the city and abroad, for training, exams and contracts. Although there may be differences in beliefs, thoughts, or opinions in new relationships, avoid making hasty decisions and always stay on the axis of love and be open to the energy of beauty and happiness that life will bring this week You finally have the chance to compromise.

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