december 26 2020 lunar pluto contact

With the sextile angle Moon-Neptune you can spend the night meditatively through intuition and inspiration. With feelings open to the universal, you can withdraw with great precision. You can produce thanks to creative work. During the day, under the influence of Vesta, you can tend to create order, devote yourself to financial matters and regulate your budget. Possibly your focus, relationships, money, or home is in order. You can regulate your life energy through work, health and diet. You can notice the fine details and dedicate yourself to the things that you will be meticulously working on Between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm you can experience the feeling that "I keep my existence, my comfort, my money, therefore I am strong". You can experience a strong sense of belonging and increase the feeling of protection and control. You will feel a strong motivation in matters that need to be researched and changed in depth. It will be worth the hours to understand and analyze the main reasons for your high need for comfort.

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