december 21st 2020

December 21st, 2020. We start the week with the Moon-Neptune conjunction. Today the moon moves in Pisces all day. We are in a time when we focus a little more on our emotions, ignore the facts to come, move away and become contemplative. However, at such times it is good to get involved in various artistic activities, perhaps to meditate and pray. It is possible to have dreams with messages. The time until noon is a little more active. We may be prone to misunderstanding and may not be able to balance reason and emotions. So we have to pay attention to the correct expression. We should be more careful with our agreements and avoid emotional decisions. We may find it difficult to concentrate. We may be confused about the direction we are going to go and unable to take a clear position. At noon, the sun and Mercury change to Capricorn. The sun will move in Capricorn until January 19, 2021 and Mercury until January 8, 2021. Congratulations to everyone whose sun is Capricorn. With this transition; We can make plans to specifically make our dreams come true, we can move on to a more diligent energy, and we can set long-term goals. We'll be more disciplined, serious, and determined to lay solid foundations. It will be a time when we set our goals with the desire for continuity and do not hesitate to take responsibility for these goals. In addition, the light of the sun today is perpendicular to the turning circle of Capricorn; We will see both the beginning of winter and the longest night.

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