6th january 2021 astrology dairy

At night the complicated angle of the moon with Pluto can create a feeling of pressure and crises of jealousy can occur. In the morning hours there will be a square angle with Mercury and your heart may not agree with ideas that are considered logical, but make sure to convey your feelings and thoughts in the right words. It can occur in subjects that are your strain emotional memory. Since disagreements can arise when deciding on a topic, it is helpful to think rationally when you are not sure. You may have to accept some general rules, even if it doesn't sound fair to you. Today Mars leaves Aries and begins the Taurus transit. We begin to slow down, focus on personal safety and comfort, and leave rash attitudes in our behavior. Instead of topics that are difficult to advance, our agenda includes what we want to keep stable in our lives; our resources and ensuring our peace are paramount. When the moon passes into Scorpio at noon, it will make its first angle with Mars and financial problems, material and spiritual exchanges may come to light. As you take a new step, it will be more beneficial to continue your research and make calculations that will bring about the conditions.

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