5 eylul 2020 cumartesi

On September 5th, 2020 at 10:47 p.m., Mercury, the representative of our mind, will pass into Libra where elegance, balance and harmony will find life. In this process we will try to find our search for meaning with a fair, balanced and harmonious contact.
If we look at the angle of Mercury in September, the opposite of Chiron on September 11th will reveal an active, restless, inquiring time and a doubting mind.
We can use this angle to get the information we need to complete our shortcomings.
We should avoid taking responsibility for issues that have nothing to do with us.
The inharmonious angle on September 12th will show us how difficult it will be for us to put original ideas into words and even though we have done the best we can, the uncertainty of something we have done our best at will lower our mood a little.
The hard angle to Jupiter on September 17th can bring restrictions on topics such as education and communication to light.
At this point in time we can dream of things that not might come true.
If you have to decide on an important matter, remember to be very careful.
Avoid promises that you cannot keep.
The hard angle on September 21st to Pluton will arouse interest to get to the deepest information.
Obsession with a particular subject in our life can avoid seeing opportunities that are right next to us.
We should look at ideas that lead to obsessions from a different perspective in order to embrace the opportunities in life.
The square to Saturn on September 23rd indicates narrowing in terms of thoughts and communication, as well as making promises that go beyond our responsibility.
Therefore, to use this angle positively, we should set real ideas and real goals and patiently experience the slow but sure process that Saturn demands.

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