4th january 2021 astrology dairy

We greet the day with the sun-moon triangle in the morning. Our logic will be cold and our emotions will be realistic. We can lead them back to our vital goals by making mentally and cognitively compatible decisions. A day focused on success and status can be seen. You can classify the work by making long-term plans. However, since emotions and feelings remain in the background, we can deal with our goals. Just be careful, don't worry, stress and fantasize. Gastric, intestinal and digestive sensitivities can occur. After the opposition of the Moon and Neptune between 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., they take on the effect of the lunar nodes. We may feel that we cannot pull ourselves together, we cannot organize, and we can be distracted. It can increase emotional sensitivity. If you have to decide on something, you can skip this period. It is possible not to get the correct information. Thanks to the Mercury triangle that is formed in the evening, you can collect your emotions a little, express your ideas more easily and embody them. This time around, you will be able to express your own opinions in an analytical and realistic manner on a subject that is influenced by your immediate surroundings.

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