3rd january 2021 astrology dairy

The moon is in Virgo and we will start the day with practical, service-oriented, organizing work and an awareness of our responsibilities. We can start our day with our routines at work by classifying files and organizing closets at home. You can reveal your crafting, writing, drawing, analyzing, and sorting skills. In the area from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. you can update your diet, health or fitness routine with the Uranus effect. Favorable hours to let go of your old harmful habits. You can develop new methods in financial matters. As your criticism and dissatisfaction increase, you can go for walks in nature to get rid of all that is routine. There will be the Juno asteroid and the Chiron triangle today. We will be under this effect for a few days. Amid our inner turmoil, it may be necessary to think about what we really have in a relationship or a life where we respect ourselves, what we can heal. When we are alone, when we return to the essence, we can realize awareness and healing.

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