2nd january 2021 astrology dairy

The moon continues its course in Leo from the morning hours and forms an angle in harmony with the lunar nodes and Venus on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. We will take steps to express our feelings, how to be loved and valued, to create something in our relationships, and to be satisfied. You may want to chat with a previous relationship for attention. You can show bold, fanatical attitudes in your business areas to demonstrate your leadership spirit. It is recommended that you stay away from exaggeration and luxury expenses. Anything that is flashy, lively, and attracts attention can please you. Or you want to distance yourself from the partner by showing pride and arrogance in the relationship and only focusing on your own desires, as these can vary depending on your personal card. We may want to express ourselves with courage and confidence as the moon-Mars triangle becomes final in the evening. Funny, imaginative, and enthusiastic behaviors can be displayed. You want to be the center of attention and keep your sincerity. However, avoid sudden reactions, rush and heartbreak. You may be interested in puzzles, decoration, design work.

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