26 ocak 2021

The moon moves in Cancer. Today, motherhood, family, relationships with mother, loyalty to the country, relocation, affairs with the state, and domestic regulations are on our agenda. From the hours of the morning until noon, you can witness home buying and selling, developments about family members, and get the news you have come to expect from the state. You can complete financial papers and research related to gardening, plant care, gemstones, designs, and investments between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. It can also be used for inheritance, money, or retirement work. During the day there is an energy that we can often remember the effects of the past and carry into the present. In ongoing relationships, it would be positive to act with the present in mind and focus on the specific details we have. It is beneficial for procedures such as endoscopy, where patients with gastric and digestive system disorders should be more careful. The Uranus solar square is active in the sky today. You may experience temporary issues with teamwork, groups, organizations, software, Internet-related work, and technical issues, and you may see issues among friends. You should think twice when making sudden decisions and avoid taking a new step on an issue that you are unsure of whether it will be long term. Since this occurrence, which can also cause temporary dizziness and blood pressure problems, can cause sudden crises and delays in relationships with men, institutions, superiors, fathers and official bodies, it is important that you maintain your current position by paying attention to be moderate and more tolerant today.

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