25th december 2020 astrology dairy

If the moon continues its course in Taurus, it will form an angle with Uranus and Mercury for the first hours of the night. It is very productive for those who work at night, suitable hours to write and express themselves properly with sudden ideas. There is no basic angle during the day. You can do your unfinished jobs such as maintenance, repair or work, or improve the taste of your kitchen. The Mercury-Uranus triangle will be one of the most important events of the day. You can think a lot while challenging your ideas of Mercury under the light of the sun. You should make sure that you can define your personal boundaries as the boundaries in your close relationships will be weakened. In its harmony with Uranus, it has a strong urge to consolidate existing matters and thoughts. You can develop innovative solutions by increasing your interest in different and original things. It symbolizes that rational decisions will find their place in an intuitive way. Communication and intelligence, however, will want to show controlled thoughts rather than working very quickly, and with Uranus' suddenly exciting demeanor, some of you may turn out to be overly rational, overly self-controlled ideas or neural problems. You may also need to update your traditional systems of thought that need to be modernized. You might want to be productive and use unconventional approaches to achieve your goals.

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