23 ocak 2021

It is a nice Weekend. The moon is in the void until 10:43 a.m. Then he passes into the twins. Communication, curiosity, close circle, siblings, cousins conversations time. You can spend the day reading and sharing ideas. The Sun-Saturn angle between 4.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. has a positive effect. Hours in which you feel harmonious and balanced. It becomes easier to convey thoughts using common sense and logic. You can evaluate the positive atmosphere created by ideas in your relationships. It can form ideas that create instability in situations that become unambiguous and can be converted into a more permanent and long-term form. While under the influence of the Venus-Neptune Harmonic Angle, you can also turn to romantic, mystical, and artistic themes; the day is a candidate to be a day when romantic winds can blow in your relationships.

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