21 ocak 2021

While the moon travels in Taurus, it initially forms a square angle to the sun at night in Aquarius. Sudden situations can arise that disturb your emotional stability. It's important to stay calm and balanced. Small problems shouldn't be turned into crises. Towards morning we will be under the influence of Saturn, then the square of Uranus. In interpersonal conversations, attempts must be made to convey the right emotions and expressions, with an emphasis on positive thoughts. It is necessary to carefully evaluate the factors that cause change in you. It should be reconsidered without hurry. In the time from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Mars conjunction takes place first and then the Jupiter square is active. Hours in which you are open to initiatives in financial matters, but we advise you to be careful about risky situations. Unplanned and ill-considered business can be risky. Excessive comfort and relaxation can lead to new opportunities being missed out.

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