20th december 2020 astrology dairy

On December 21, 20220 at 9:03 p.m. the rulers of time and justice, Saturn and Jupiter, meet in 0 degrees Aquarius. Saturn, who teaches how to go from disorder to order and Jupiter, who brings wisdom, compassion, abundance and happiness into our lives by offering new opportunities and experiences, come back together every 20 years, while their connections every 200 years take place on another element. The world was a time when everything was measured in terms of money from a materialistic point of view as previous conjunctions took place in the theme of earth. With the conjunctions that will take place in the air group, we are evolving at a time when the space age and humanism will dominate. Aquarius; It's about science, human rights, space, reforms, intuitive intelligence, astrology, modern views and hopes. Saturn shows that we are limiting the points that we must overcome by becoming liberated in the development of our souls in these matters, taking action for the solution. Jupiter will be a protective shield that will allow us to learn through new opportunities and experiences, to evolve and mature while we are hopeful about the issues we are limited in. Conjunction occurs in the first degree; It shows that an objective and logical view, humanism, adaptation to the social order, justice and liberal thinking are being reshaped and that we as humans in this world have a lot to learn. All this time we will turn to alternatives when resources enter the exhaustion phase. Along with the economic difficulties of constraints, scientific studies will accelerate tremendously and allow us to usher in a new era in space and technology. Scientists, religious and state authorities, academics, conservative politicians, land and industrial suppliers are hardest hit by this link. We will learn to have the same rights and freedoms regardless of religion, language, skin color or opinion. There will be communities that stand out in the media for their religious and social views.

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