20 ocak 2021

We start the day with the moon Pluton square. We may have subconscious concerns about whether or not our initiatives will be supported, whether our new business and relationships will continue. While this powerful influence can put problems with mothers, women, and authority figures on our agenda, especially in the morning, it's great for setting long-term basic goals and refocusing. Today the sun has entered Aquarius and this month technology, internet, natural events, new training, organizations, teamwork and scientific activities will be more on our agenda. If we act as us and not as me, social solidarity will become more important. We will understand the power of sharing and being together, acting together. The Mercury lunar nodes in the sky are still active. You can receive positive news, news, or phone calls about training, commercial activities, and initiatives. You may experience developments such as getting jobs, passing an exam, and getting help from relatives. During the day, the Uranus-Mars interaction continues in the sky and this effect remains active tomorrow. Since this view, which has a positive effect on getting involved in financial matters, buying and selling, acquiring new technology tools, and starting training, can create an explosion effect on issues that have been patient for a long time, it will be necessary to establish the endpoints in relationships do not force. The neck and poll area is sensitive this week and is the best time for gynecological exams. This is a time to watch out for electric shock and stab wounds.

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