19th december 2020 astrology diary

A day where we can develop ideas, work them out, and make plans to bring them to life. The mind will work harder than ever before. The logic will be in the foreground. You can have strong intuitions and be inspired by them all day. The motive can be traded to perceive the future and to create the new. The ideas gained will benefit society. While Mars is about to pounce on the immediate implementation of ideas, Zeus will remind him that he must move forward in a balanced way. In this process, those who deal with different information and ideas are supported, not those who believe in a single truth. Admetos will assist Zeus and remind us that the emotions and thoughts that we hold onto are the greatest obstacle to our progress. We need to find and analyze the areas where we are mistaken and to which we devote ourselves. Admetos says it's time to do this. It will be necessary to focus on it. However, the occurrence between Vesta and Neptune can create confusion and distraction.

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