Life is a fire that rotates constantly in the shadow of time. We are in times of solar eclipse. You must have heard that the effects of eclipses are processes that can last 6 months to 2 years. Would you like to take a look at how this could have affected your personal life while living as an obvious learner? About 1.5 years ago, on July 16, 2019, there was a plutonic solar eclipse in 24 degrees Capricorn on the south node side. You are still feeling the effects of this solar eclipse individually and in your common life. How does it work? In March 2020, Pluto, moving slowly outside the effects of other triggering planets, triggered the degree of destruction for the first time in decades. Other planetary factors aside, the pandemic process began with the great impact of Pluto, the planet of transformation, fear and feeling of helplessness, and great changes began in individual lives. Pluto slowly evolved with its slowly moving structure until the end of April 2020 and then stayed in that stable position and then started retro. The exit from this degree coincided with July 2020. Pluto, who came out of retro and moved straight ahead on October 5, 2020, will return to 24 degrees Capricorn on December 26, 2020 and while he will stay here for a long time, a very special situation will arise on January 3, 2021. Pluto will trigger the eclipse 1.5 years ago, while Venus will trigger the newly experienced eclipse of December 14, 2020. This information can be a reminder of what could be the final part of the big change in your li

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