Today the moon is moving forward in Aquarius. After the new moon, we are in an ideal day to see business developments, take new training and benefit from technology, science and teamwork. The active Saturn-Mars square in the sky shows that you should not take any financial risks, supports the buying and selling of goods, but has effects that can lead to tension in relationships with the elderly and persons in authority. Being able to make and implement lasting decisions today offers positive effects in order to be motivated and focused in one area and to work. With support for friends and close relatives, training, exams, travel, and interviews between 11am and 1pm, you can move your current business forward faster and get support from female characters. The stable Uranus-Venus triangle continuing in the sky indicates that job vacancies and negotiations can start suddenly and be permanent, and the transition to a new order or system in relationships can drive the relationship forward. In the health sector, problems in the neck area and an increase in accidents can be observed. You can benefit from online platforms and training, as well as looking for new areas and finding ways to find new areas and improve yourself.

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