Today the moon moves in Taurus. We are in a time when material and moral security are paramount and we can make use of our business and personal lives by expressing our feelings calmly and moderately. Minding financial affairs, doing banking, gardening, working with soil, searching for gems and natural stones are jobs that are suitable for today's energy. The discussions and steps held today should lead to strength, stability and resurrection in the long term.

After 8:00 p.m., with the effects of the moon in the sky with Uranus and Saturn, the plan changes you might want to make in your home, furniture research, thinking about a new plot of land, or an appropriate time to research, will come about. Here precautions can be taken regarding the security needs of the house and the alarm systems. Temporary and distant approaches can appear in ongoing relationships, and while today you can assess what it takes to start production in any area and what will make you better money in the long run, you may have gynecological checkups and you may encounter temporary neck pain as well.

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