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Every person sometimes needs an answer to help and support himself/herself. As a team of, we analyze your natal chart based on your birth date, time and place to help you what you are experiencing and going through and we protect your privacy.


Which Question Is Right For Me

We offer you categories of questions for the answers you want to learn. You can immediately ask the right question for yourself by reading the contents of the titles.

Relationship Compatibility

At the start of a new relationhip or before marriage, you can learn about your compatibility the person whom you are in relationship with. Besides, you can learn about your common ground with this person, the easy and challenging aspects of your relationship and also you learn how to understand each other, to develop your communication skills with this person, what to improve in your relationship in order to carry it to the best and next level. In additon, you learn the challenging and the easiest times of your relationship. Moreover, compatibility is not got to do with intimate relationships, but also with the employer-employee, mother-child compatibilities etc. You can also ask about these kind of relationships.

What Should I Develop in my Relationships

If you experience recurrent problems in relationships, you can ask us about the features you need to

Special Occasions and Celebrations

Before you make a decision which will change your life such as engagemen and marriage, we determine the most suitable time.

Business and Career

You can get information about how you can guide your career, what steps you can take at the right time, and what you can do to develop a new career from the very beginning. In additon, you can get answers to your questions about how you can manage problematic relationships that you are in, how to take the right decisons at the right time, and you learn about the most challenging and the easiest times in your business life.

Starting a Business

We set you the date of starting a business by identifying the correct sky views for abundance in your business.

Natal Chart for Children

From birth to the beginning of university education, we help your child to make the right decision for his/her education and career life and we also try to determine which profession is more suitable to your child in terms of his/her abilities.

Birth Planning

We help women who want to be a mother under the supervision of a doctor by determining the apprpriate month and year for a healthy baby.

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